Public Relations Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

This article originally appeared on www.reputationtoday.in

As 2017 ends and we gear up for another calendar year here are a few public relations trends for the year ahead. Feel free to read my piece from last year here – bit.ly/2017PRTrends

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The Age of One-Person Consultancies

This article originally appeared on www.reputationtoday.in

The latest fad in the world of Public Relations is for a person with atleast ten years of experience to quit his or her corporate job or consultancy job and get into entrepreneur mode by starting a firm. While this is great for the individual I’m not sure it bodes well for a profession that is just about coming of age. I have received five messages on Whatsapp, LinkedIn and email in as many weeks about five different people starting out this summer. Read more “The Age of One-Person Consultancies”

Five Public Relations Books PR Professionals Must Read

Public Relations is a profession that involves a lot of writing and reading. As professionals we spend a lot of time reading articles and pieces of news floating around on the Internet. However, a lot of us do not make reading Public Relations books a priority. The first month of my first job was a period of intensive training and one of the things we were taught was the importance of reading marketing and/or Public Relations books. Read more “Five Public Relations Books PR Professionals Must Read”

New Business Development in Public Relations

Business Development in Public relations is an integral part of any organisation and works more or less in a similar fashion everywhere. In some Public Relations firms, leads for new businesses are generally brought by the people heading the company or senior members. In others, there is a separate team that works on business development and their sole responsibility is to accomplish their targets. Read more “New Business Development in Public Relations”

Experiential Marketing & Public Relations – A Deadly Combination in B2C Space

It is common to see B2C brands linking their Public Relations strategy to experiential marketing. The two are becoming closely connected and are leveraged for the common purpose of engaging with the consumer. We often see beverage, airline and lifestyle brands clubbing experiential marketing with Public Relations. The brands which are successful thoroughly understand how to engage with their key stakeholders – consumer and the media. If the campaign is successful it is (almost) always able to create a huge impact on both the stakeholders. A few things in my opinion that make experimental marketing a PR success are as follows: Read more “Experiential Marketing & Public Relations – A Deadly Combination in B2C Space”

Personal Branding The S.M.A.R.T. Way

“Always be a giver.” This is something that I learnt today during a lecture in my post graduate programme in public relations. In no time, the idea for my new blog post barged into my mind – personal branding. Why not share with my readers a chunk from my knowledge diary. Pay my dues for all the love that they have been showering upon my blogs evermore!

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Key Aspects to Budget in PR

As Public Relations professionals we have noticed that people find it very difficult to make a public relations budget both in B2B and B2C space. While the specific elements vary depending on the company and the profession; I have listed down a few things that corporates should keep in mind while budgeting for their Public Relations activities: Read more “Key Aspects to Budget in PR”

The Public Relations Manifesto

This article originally appeared on www.reputationtoday.in

Every week I talk to at least half dozen Public Relations professionals, and most of them refer to the profession with inter changing words – some call it PR, most call it communications, many others prefix communications with marketing or corporate or brand or strategic. Then a few others say corporate affairs or public affairs. Now, there are terms such as communications marketing and public engagement. Read more “The Public Relations Manifesto”

How A Branding Opportunity is Public Relations in itself

As Public Relations professionals working in today’s day and age, all of us are finding new ways to communicate with our stakeholders. Not only have we ventured and excelled in creating creative content but have also married the marketing function by actively planning and suggesting marketing activities that support Public Relations. Brands are increasingly using every branding opportunity that assist in their PR function.

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Can Media Relations be taught?

As the business of Public Relations is evolving, and digital media & owned media are making place in the Public Relations plans, we as Public Relations professionals often question the importance of Media Relations in our work. And no matter what we say or do we cannot undermine the fact; that media relations exist very dominantly in our business. Read more “Can Media Relations be taught?”

An understanding of Reputation Management for all

This article originally appeared on www.reputationtoday.in

A common refrain we hear these days from Public Relations executives, both in-house and in consultancies is that they are dealing with new-age bosses. Either young CEOs, in their 20s and 30s or older ones who have come from various domains because of which their understanding of Public Relations is zilch. There needs to be an annual orientation to help these business leaders get acquainted with the basic concepts of Public Relations along with their peers.

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