5 Reasons Why Should You Always Integrate Your Marketing and PR Strategies

In a world where the content consumption pattern is Omni-channel, it is imperative to master strategies that integrate marketing with PR. In fact as a communications professional today, it’s not just difficult but close to impossible to keep your PR strategies out of your marketing mix. The two need to co-exist. 5 reasons why one should always look at integrating these two brand building strategies are:

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I Took Up The Prime Minister’s Challenge!

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, few days back, challenged the Congress President Rahul Gandhi to deliver speech on the work done by Congress in Karnataka, for 15 minutes without referring to any notes or paper. I tried my hands at it and wrote a speech that I would give, had I been in Mr. Gandhi’s place.

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Get Consumers To Think.

As I sit in my Ola for the long journey from Bandra to Kandivili, it was encouraging to see that my Google Maps disclosed I was only 1h 45m away from my location. This was great time in peak rush hour traffic. As the navigation told the driver to turn right, he started going straight where the entire road was blood red and packed with traffic, but when I told him, he rubbished it and was sure it would be empty. We went straight, it was packed, and I ended up taking, what I dreaded, 2h 30min. This sparked a thought as to why the driver wanted to apply his mind, when there was a technology guiding the way.

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Some of the Top Industries using PR and How

Every industry needs public relations (PR). Industries such as automobile, retail, FMCG, aviation, entertainment etc. are using PR the most. These could be press release, reputation management, crisis communication and more. PR is not just about promoting businesses but to ensure that the business remains top of minds among target audience.

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Give what they want, not what you want to

How do you feel when you go to a chemist shop and ask for a particular medicine and he ends up giving something else totally? And to defend his point, all he says is, “Medicine is the same. Just that the brand is different!” Or how annoying does it feel when you try to book tickets for a particular event and the ticket boy tries to manipulate your seat number saying, the view will be the same?

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A Letter to Class of 2018 of PR School – SCoRe

Dear Class of 2018,

I wrote a mail for the inaugural batch last year which you can read here. As you complete the Post Graduate programme in Public Relations at the world’s only #PRSchool and embark on a new journey in the world of work I will remind you to keep the SCoRe values close to your heart and apply them to every thought and action. These five words will act as a mentor when a human one does not seem to be around.

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Two days of learning at Ketchum Sampark

As a Public Relations student, your biggest learnings will happen on ground and understanding that completely, SCoRe took us for a two-day induction with Ketchum Sampark. The office is at Fort in Mumbai. What followed was a rich learning experience for two days from the experts in Finance, Corporate, Technology, Media Management and Crisis Management apart from several brilliant case studies.

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Gateway to better leadership – Adding Strategic Communications studies to MBA & non-traditional programmes

In April 2018 got an opportunity to be a part of The Bridge Conference, organised by the Institute for PR, Washington DC. IPR Bridge aimed to bring together the academia and the profession of public relations and strategic communications. I found this particularly fascinating for two reasons.

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Three Days at Manifest Retreat

Two weeks ago, I was in the picturesque land of Goa. I know what you are thinking. No, it wasn’t the peppy, full of parties outing that one wants to have at least once in their lives. I attended Manifest Reputation Management Retreat where I learnt the skills of enhancing the reputation of the client’s firm.

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