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Ever since the day I commenced my journey with SCoRe, there was this one event I heard of everyday – PRAXIS. Be it our mentors enlightening us with the event details, the professors asking us if we would mark our presence there, this year or conversations amongst us students. There was no day that passed without a special mention for PRAXIS. PRAXIS was to be held at Jaipur this year. Our exhilaration around it was escalating every other day. We couldn’t wait anymore to experience this event, everyone spoke so highly of.


My tryst with writing

Writing in my opinion was penning down a few lines on any given topic. Very often they were just random thoughts which I would jot down, in some corner of my note-book. I never wrote on anything specific. My inspiration was usually the garden outside my window or simply my daily travel to & fro college. I would at times write to make some person feel special; in short I could write.

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Advanced certificate in Public Relations with PRCAI

The practice of Public Relations is becoming fascinatingly complex. For one thing, today’s PR professional can’t do with just media engagement expertise. They need to be at least jacks of paid and owned media, while being master of earned media.

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Empowering Woman Through Financial Freedom

We know the nation is standing up for issues like women empowerment and equality, but there’s still a long way to go. Although things like dowry system, child marriages and orthodox beliefs of not allowing women to work after marriage have considerably reduced, but they still exist in villages.

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Give Your Career in Communications Five Years!

I have seen myself giving one advice to communication professionals with 1-3 years of work experience – ‘give it five years’. From my experience, especially in the Indian context, I believe that a communication consultant should at least give this much time to this profession.

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​Dr. Velumani – the storyteller par excellence!

PRAXIS was a 3 day summit held at Aamby Valley, Lonavala with the intention of bringing together PR professionals not only from India but across the globe and simultaneously doing PR for Public Relations. It was an interactive & engaging weekend with an attendance of over 500 PR stalwarts.

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