Fearless Girl

On the night before international women’s day, a statue of a small girl had appeared facing the Wall Street Bull fearlessly. This was at bowling green in the financial district of Manhattan, New York. This campaign was done by State Street Global Advisors with an advertising agency named McCann New York. This was a very simple campaign made to empower women. The basic message in this campaign was to promote women power on their boards. To encourage companies to recruit women in their boards. There was plague below the statue that reads, “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.”

This was an instant hit among people. People came from various places to see this fearless girl. She inspired a lot of people. People even saw the fearless girl as someone who has no limits. One can strive and achieve anything in life. She inspired a lot of young and old people. There was an online petition to make the fearless girl a permanent statue which definitely got positive reviews. The fearless girl, due to her immense hit,  was the talk at Cannes Lion Advertising Festival and won four Grand Prix awards. Though the fearless girl was a hit and inspiration to all, not everyone took her positively. She did face criticism.

Not everyone welcomed the fearless girl with open hands. Some women criticized the girl as corporate feminism that violated the feminist principle. Arturo Di Modica, who had originally installed the charging bull in 1989, was against the idea of the fearless girl. He expressed that the entire purpose the Wall Street Bull and portrayed the bull in a different look. Modica said that the bull is a symbol of prosperity and strength and the bull is turned into a villain. He called the fearless girl as an advertisement trick. In the end, the fearless girl had more supporters than haters.

Reenal Lobo

Reenal Lobo is a student of the PG Programme in Public Relations at SCoRe. She has completed her Bachelors in Commerce from St. Agnes College, Mangaluru




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