Three Days at Manifest Retreat

Manifest Reputation Management Retreat

Two weeks ago, I was in the picturesque land of Goa. I know what you are thinking. No, it wasn’t the peppy, full of parties outing that one wants to have at least once in their lives. I attended Manifest Reputation Management Retreat where I learnt the skills of enhancing the reputation of the client’s firm.

Teaching Reputation Management

Goa has always been synonymous to a jovial-leisure holiday destination. However, never in my dreams, did I imagine that my first visit will be a knowledge deriving ride. Manifest Reputation Management Retreat brought to life a classroom setting. A small group of business leaders from across the Public Relations and Corporate Communications fraternity assembled together and derived knowledge from the masters in the craft.

At SCoRe, over the course of the last eight months, we have attended a plethora of master classes by renowned names in the fraternity. However, to be present in this Masterclass was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.

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Reputation management was the core subject of Manifest Reputation Management Retreat. The programme consisted of topics that threw a light on topics that could help the leaders enhance this reputation of their respective firms. Some of them were brand building with Earned Media, Digital Marketing, Reputation Management through creativity, Strategic Storytelling, Campaign Planning, Crisis communication.

These were taken by experts like Mr. Madal Bahal – MD of Adfactors PRArchana Jain – MD of PR PunditNitin Mantri – Business Partner and CEO of Avian Media Gabriela Lungu – Founder of WINGS Creative Leadership LabXavier Prabhu – Founder and MD of PR Hub and many such names. You can check the following link to know more: Manifest Reputation Management Retreat – Programme

Following enlisted are some of the key takeaways from Manifest Reputation Management Retreat that I would like to share:

1. Always indulge in a self-introspection.

Ask yourself if you have really done something that makes a difference to the client or the company. If not, kill the lion, says Mr. Madan Bahal. Take care of the stakeholders you are dealing with. If you can enrich the C.V. of your employees, your company will grow eventually. Provide a customised and well crafted solution to the client within the economies of business and you are almost there!

2. We live in the age of influencers-our social stars.

However, PR still functions to bring out the credibility and authenticity of your company and its work in front of the public eye. Hence, it is essential to have a few authentic bloggers and nurture them rather than having a queue of influencers, says Archana Jain

3. The audience is reading content that is short, readable and shareable.

“Search” has become more important than social PR. It’s high time that we fall in love with technology as the world is evolving. More tools, more automation and more real gear are coming into the picture. Stunts work more than anything, says Xavier Prabhu

Other than the learning experience, Manifest Reputation Management Retreat also gave these professionals an opportunity to extend their network and connect. It also consisted of a campaign planning assignment where the professionals were required to form groups of six and work on a real campaign. They had to devise a campaign, and present it in front of the jury. Even the SCoRe students got the chance to present it. It was a great platform to showcase the knowledge we have absorbed over the eight months in front of the fraternity.

I wouldn’t be lying to say that I came back with a wider understanding of reputation and the ways in which it could be enhanced for the benefit of a client or a company. To be present in for this Masterclass was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.

Class of 2018, Post Graduate Programme in Public Relations

-Shreya Dubey

Shreya Dubeyinterview is a student of the PG Programme in Public Relations at SCoRe. She has completed her Bachelors in Mass Media from S.K. Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

During the programme at SCoRe, Shreya interned with Ketchum Sampark, and received a placement offer from the firm.



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