Why did I Choose to be a Part of SCoRe?

I started my career by managing communications for some of the most famous and exciting technology brands. Along the way I was convinced that I loved Public Relations. The reasons are many – not only is communications an exciting and dynamic profession but one can clearly see (those who understand this function) the value a PR professional brings to the business.

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CSR Mandate & Role of Public Relations

In April 2014, India became the first country to mandate a minimum spend on corporate social responsibility initiatives. This received mixed reactions from corporates, civil society, and bureaucracy. I was lucky to be invited to a conclave organised by Genesis Burson Marsteller & White Kettle Consulting, titled ‘Corporate Responsibility: Turning Mandates into Opportunities’ where the three entities were represented and had a dialogue on the outlook of this mandate.

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Ethics and PR Professionals!

Ethics are the moral principles governing a person’s behavior that determine how an activity is conducted. It is also a branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. In our practical lives, it is the difference between the dos and don’ts, the right and wrongs, the proper and improper, the fair and unfair, and the good and bad.

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Data Analytics in Public Relations

Role of Data Analytics in Public Relations can range from creating the right public relations strategies to measuring and optimising them.

For the better part of the last few decades, we’ve seen Public Relations to be considered a difficult to measure or sometimes immeasurable communications effort. Several norms and practices have come in and gone out of acceptance by consultants and clients, each rejected for its lack of accuracy. But despite the absence of an absolute way of measuring its impact, there is a lot of data produced through PR campaigns, and several insights can be drawn from its analyses. Word of mouth that happens as a result of a PR activity is now social – permanently recorded and measurable.

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Punctuality in Public Relations

Here’s an example of punctuality practised to the T. Every day in Tokyo, Japan, nearly 10 million people take the Tokyo metro for their work commute. Despite the intricate network of 195 kilometers of tracks linked with 13 lines over 300 stations, it is one of the most punctual transit systems in the world.

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(Cheat Sheet!) Different Target Audience, different tones

We find ourselves professionally facing different goals to be achieved with different target audience, more often than not those of the same clients. Striking the right tone can have several advantages over a more generic “by the book” approach to communications. Besides achieving your goal, it establishes and/or strengthens your relationship with your target audience.

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Six Ways to Place Quality Content

You don’t have to be a marketing or Public Relations professional to know that ‘Content is King’. Any type of communication becomes interesting if there is quality substance in it. Today, marketers spend a lot of time, energy and resources to prepare quality content for their audience in order to make an impact.

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Public Relations is becoming more Digital!

End of the quarter? Time for a fresh PR plan? And even after adding a ‘sufficient’ number of target stories in the general and business papers, even more in magazines, and a lot more in trade journals, the first thing your client asks is where is your Twitter strategy? Where is the Facebook Plan? Why not a Digital Media Release? What are we doing on Instagram?

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Modi’s PR: Then Vs Now: How to win office and how to retain it!

This month Prime Minister completes three years in office. His journey to 7 Lok Kalyan Marg was attributed largely to his PR prowess, which was built of endless intellectual and organizational resources at Narendra Modi’s disposal, and his ability to deploy them accurately and quickly. Effectively, it convinced a vast majority of Indian voters that he leading his party were the change that the country needed.

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How To Find The Best Mass Communication Colleges in India

It is the summer of 2018 and right now if you’re interested in marketing and communications, your are probably trying to find the best mass communication colleges in India to apply. That’s especially true if you’re wondering what to do after Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM), Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications (BJMC), Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) etc.  You may also like to figure out which field (Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism) to go for, and which colleges for those fields are the best. Even after narrowing down to a few colleges, its difficult to pick out the one that is the best for you. We’ve a few tips for you:

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