What makes PR one of the most dynamic profession!

When I joined the Public Relations profession in the year 2011, I had very little idea as to what the profession was. I remember having an impression about ‘Advertising’ being a fun and creative career choice but somehow I had little to no idea about PR. The only impression I had was perhaps, that I did not think it was interesting enough. However I somehow landed in Public Relations and soon realised it was an interesting and intelligent space.

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Top 5 Must Watch Movies for Communications Professionals

Communications Professionals draw inspiration from from any story being told, even movies.

At SCoRe we have built a small library of several books on Public Relations and Communications that we feel our fraternity should read. From biographies to text books, it includes works that can be sources of inspiration and ideas to be more powerful Communications Professionals. We highly recommend you to come and pick a copy, and/or recommend books that should be added.

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Come, fall in love with learning!

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Like most other products of the Indian education system, I grew up being a marks oriented (as opposed to a learning oriented) student. My curiosity died a slow death, with the constant reinforcement of the notion that the main goal of each academic year was to do exceedingly well in examinations. I really enjoyed getting good grades, and that was always my biggest motivation to study.

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Attributes of a Public Relations Faculty

The space of communications in India is changing FAST – the rise of new media platforms; the shift in the way Indians consume news and information – has all challenged traditional approaches to Public Relations, and will continue to evolve it. But more importantly, it has created a need for people who understand these shifts and can skill up the Public Relations community rapidly – The Public Relations Faculty.

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Internal Communications & its Evolution

Regardless of the size of an organisation, internal communications within it plays an integral role in aligning its members with its vision. Effectively communicating with employees internally can enhance the productivity of the workforce and direct them towards the right goals. It can be an important asset to understand needs of employees and sense impulses that can result in better, more preferred workplaces. Overall a robust internal communications strategy and setup in place is a healthy indicator of an organisations’ employee centricity and preparedness for expansion.

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Cure the disease not the symptom

Creating a roadmap of public relations of a brand starts with the definition of certain goals – ensure that certain business milestones is adequately covered in the media, that the brand’s stance on certain issues is communicated wisely, that a certain positioning is established etc. Efforts are mobilised to address these goals which bear fruit after a while. Once these goals are met, we get back to the drawing board to craft strategies for another set of goals defined in similar manners.

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10 signs you are made for Public Relations

Your first job will probably not be as you would have expected (generally speaking). At that age, you probably have a limited understanding of you would LIKE to do, and what you CAN do. There are, however, some signs that can tell you if a certain type of work is for you. For the profession of Public Relations, for example, there are a few inherent qualities that some of the happiest Public Relations professionals possess, some of which we’re synthesising here. Read more “10 signs you are made for Public Relations”

How can a startup generate talkability?


Buzz generation these days is a big deal. Good Public Relations leads to good buzz. PR has several benefits for a startup. A bootstrapped startup will gain a lot free and valuable visibility. This visibility will garner interest from consumers as well as possible investors/benefactors. Good PR in the early days can shield the startup from unfortunate hits to their business models. It increases credibility which can allow them to become more profitable, and can lead to lucrative alliances.

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Earned Influence and the Power of Integration

Holmes report's global public relations summit

The Holmes Report’s Global Public Relations Summit – PRovoke is the most important event in the global communications world’s calendar, attracting more than 400 delegates and 100 speakers each year. Its fifth edition was held in Miami, from the 24th to the 26th of October, 2016. Here, Jenifer Risi (Global CCO and head of Ogilvy Media Influence Network), Michele Anderson (MD of Oglivy Chicago), Donna Sanker (Chief Marketing Officer at BP Fuels North America) and Art Zambianchi (Executive Director at Mindshare) came together to discuss Earned Influence and the Power of Integration.

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What PR Education Today Needs

This blog is a part of insights on Public Relations shared by SCoRe. India’s only institute dedicated to Public Relations 

Public Relations education today is in dire need of academicians who understand the craft of communications. In India, there are few institutes that offer Public Relations as an elective or a specialisation. However, only the School of Communications & Reputation is dedicated to training aspiring professionals in this field which is both, an art and a science.

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