The Public Relations Manifesto

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Every week I talk to at least half dozen Public Relations professionals, and most of them refer to the profession with inter changing words – some call it PR, most call it communications, many others prefix communications with marketing or corporate or brand or strategic. Then a few others say corporate affairs or public affairs. Now, there are terms such as communications marketing and public engagement. Read more “The Public Relations Manifesto”

How A Branding Opportunity is Public Relations in itself

As Public Relations professionals working in today’s day and age, all of us are finding new ways to communicate with our stakeholders. Not only have we ventured and excelled in creating creative content but have also married the marketing function by actively planning and suggesting marketing activities that support Public Relations. Brands are increasingly using every branding opportunity that assist in their PR function.

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Can Media Relations be taught?

As the business of Public Relations is evolving, and digital media & owned media are making place in the Public Relations plans, we as Public Relations professionals often question the importance of Media Relations in our work. And no matter what we say or do we cannot undermine the fact; that media relations exist very dominantly in our business. Read more “Can Media Relations be taught?”

An understanding of Reputation Management for all

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A common refrain we hear these days from Public Relations executives, both in-house and in consultancies is that they are dealing with new-age bosses. Either young CEOs, in their 20s and 30s or older ones who have come from various domains because of which their understanding of Public Relations is zilch. There needs to be an annual orientation to help these business leaders get acquainted with the basic concepts of Public Relations along with their peers.

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How are event partnerships key to Public Relations?

Public Relations is a profession that highly depends on building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders. A lot of people mistake the profession to be just about ‘media relations’ and in that light they forget the value contributed by other relationships. While there a lot of aspects to our profession, I am going to focus on event partnerships only in this blog:

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Public Relations Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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As 2017 ends and we gear up for another calendar year here are a few public relations trends for the year ahead. Feel free to read my piece from last year here –

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A Good Public Relations Pitch

Communications professionals are influencers. Their job is to build and manage reputation of brands that they manage. To be able to achieve this goal, one of the things that a public relations professional frequently does, is to interact with media. The interaction takes place because of two primary reasons. One is to maintain the relationship with the media, as they are an important stakeholder for the communications business. And the other is to actively public relations pitch a story. Since it is essential for a communications consultant to prepare a good public relations pitch for the journalist, I thought of listing down the points that make for a successful public relations pitch. My thoughts are as follows:

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Being a successful mid-level Public Relations professional

Given my experience, this blog largely caters to the mid-level public relations professional working in Public Relations firms. Like my colleague Amith Prabhu often remarks, professionals working in Public Relations firms are a unique group that has to manage expectations of three different stakeholders. Their own boss internally, their client and most often to the media they are engaging with. Hence, to be a successful communications consultant at a mid-level, one must possess following qualities/skills: 

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Tips on Writing Blogs that Rock!

I was no expert in writing and I joined SCoRe’s ACE writing programme, But even before that  there are some ‘go to tips’ that I follow while writing blogs and I would like to share them with you all.  I never thought I could churn out a blog every week but the reason I could create a dozen of them was to follow the ‘KISS’ strategy- Keep It Simple Silly!

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Preparing for a Public Relations Crisis

What constitutes a public relations crisis? In a world of disastrous earthquakes and tsunamis, crises means threat to human life and peaceful living when the same word is used in the world of business it means an emergency that is usually unexpected but can be anticipated.

One of the most recent and popular examples of such a crisis is the discovery of dangerous level of MSG and lead in Maggi Noodles which is one of the most favourite and popular snack amongst Indian families. The point of discussion here is how a company (in this case Nestle) should have prepared plan in order to protect its reputation.

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