On Social Media in Public Relations

Writing and reading is something a child learns from an early age. It starts off as a way to get assimilated into society and to understand what people around you are talking off. As we continue on the path of life, for some people, the reason changes. It becomes more to express than just to stay connected with people.

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PR isn’t just for ladies

I am currently planning to organise PR activity for an event next month that is about ‘Women in Engineering’, with the tagline – ‘Engineering isn’t just for blokes.’ During an ideas brainstorm where I was participating in a discussion around the reasons why Engineering is a male-dominated industry, it got me thinking about Public Relations in the same light. While, globally, the majority of entry to management level positions in PR are held by women, we see men holding most of the industry’s top roles at the highest levels.

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A secret sauce for Content – Review of The Content Code by Mark Schaefer

The Content Code follows best sellers – Tao of twitter and Social Media Explained (reviewed by Amith Prabhu and Radhika Nandwani respectively) by Mark Schaefer

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Are we in the field of Communication or Communications?

A few weeks ago, I was a part of a discussion between two senior Public Relations professionals on the correct usage of the words ‘communication’ and ‘communications’. While one of them pointed out that the name of our school which is ‘School of COmmunications & REputation’ should be replaced by the word ‘communication’ the other of course was on the other side of the table. My first reaction was ‘how does it matter!?’ but the conversation left me highly confused.

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Building a Personal Brand

A large number of business or buying decisions are made on the basis of brand value, and not just the rational factors behind it. Several professionals, who are on the front lines of business development or other transactional interpersonal interactions, would agree that it is not just the value of their organisations’ brand, but also their own that plays a role in the success of these transactions.

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Book Review: Improvise: Unconventional Career Advice From An Unlikely CEO

“Did I fail? Probably. Did I gain valuable experience? Definitely. Did my failure contribute to my eventual success? Absolutely.”

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Building The Brand India – Wasted Opportunity

Over the bygone weekend, SCoRe was the Academic Partner at IPRCCA, organised by exchange4media. E4M created quite a differentiated experience for a conference of this sort. One of the two panel discussions on the conference’s Theme – P3 India: Perception- Position- Proposition was on “Soft selling Culture & rebuilding brand India” – How can Changing perceptions and re-positioning a country’s image help arrive at the right value proposition?

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