Rise Of Video Podcasts In India

Video Podcasts started popping up on YouTube a little over a year ago. It started with AIB’s Podcast with Kunal Nayyar. Then SNG started a weekly feature with ‘The Big Question’ and the rest is history.

Ever since the AIB Roast, the consumership of Indian Comedy videos has shot up. We have 5 minute video spots, game shows and comedy specials. Now, video podcasts are easily accessible to the public.
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Elevator Pitch – What, Where and How?

Imagine yourself attending a business summit. It is not a rocket science to guess that you are going to come across people holding top positions in their respective organisations. Business summits and conclaves are often a good time for socialising with such important people and broadening your network.

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Public Relations in Wedding Planning

Stereotyping someone because of his or her background/linkages is the basic human tendency. People assume that if someone is born in a family of doctors, he/she will undoubtedly follow the family tradition. Now being raised in a Bengali family, I have always had a knack for literature and history. And not to mention Bollywood! Till date I have always done a first day first show of Shah Rukh Khan’s movies.

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Fearless Girl

On the night before international women’s day, a statue of a small girl had appeared facing the Wall Street Bull fearlessly. This was at bowling green in the financial district of Manhattan, New York. This campaign was done by State Street Global Advisors with an advertising agency named McCann New York. This was a very simple campaign made to empower women. The basic message in this campaign was to promote women power on their boards. To encourage companies to recruit women in their boards. There was plague below the statue that reads, “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.”

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Negotiating With Tough Customers – By Steve Reilly

Negotiating With Tough Customers – Book Review of the best seller by Steve Reilly

To define negotiation – it is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome over one or more issues where conflict exists. This beneficial outcome can be for all of the parties involved or just for one or some of them.
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Problem Solving in Public Relations – Cure the disease, not the symptom

Understanding the core objective of a campaign or reputation issue, rather than aiming for its superficial metrics 

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Student Blog, Class Of 2018

Ever since the day I commenced my journey with the Post Graduate Public Relations Course SCoRe, there was this one event I heard of everyday – PRAXIS. Be it our mentors enlightening us with the event details, the professors asking us if we would mark our presence there, this year or conversations amongst us students. There was no day that passed without a special mention for PRAXIS. PRAXIS was to be held at Jaipur this year. Our exhilaration around it was escalating every other day. We couldn’t wait anymore to experience this event, everyone spoke so highly of.


My tryst with writing

Writing in my opinion was penning down a few lines on any given topic. Very often they were just random thoughts which I would jot down, in some corner of my note-book. I never wrote on anything specific. My inspiration was usually the garden outside my window or simply my daily travel to & fro college. I would at times write to make some person feel special; in short I could write.

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