(Cheat Sheet!) Different audiences, different tones

We find ourselves professionally facing different goals to be achieved with different audiences, more often than not those of the same clients. Striking the right tone can have several advantages over a more generic “by the book” approach to communications. Besides achieving your goal, it establishes and/or strengthens your relationship with your audience.

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Six Ways to Place Quality Content

You don’t have to be a marketing or Public Relations professional to know that ‘Content is King’. Any type of communication becomes interesting if there is quality substance in it. Today, marketers spend a lot of time, energy and resources to prepare quality content for their audience in order to make an impact.

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Public Relations is becoming more Digital!

End of the quarter? Time for a fresh PR plan? And even after adding a ‘sufficient’ number of target stories in the general and business papers, even more in magazines, and a lot more in trade journals, the first thing your client asks is where is your Twitter strategy? Where is the Facebook Plan? Why not a Digital Media Release? What are we doing on Instagram?

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Modi’s PR: Then Vs Now: How to win office and how to retain it!

This month Prime Minister completes three years in office. His journey to 7 Lok Kalyan Marg was attributed largely to his PR prowess, which was built of endless intellectual and organizational resources at Narendra Modi’s disposal, and his ability to deploy them accurately and quickly. Effectively, it convinced a vast majority of Indian voters that he leading his party were the change that the country needed.

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How To Find A Media Institute To Study In

It is the summer of 2017 and right now a lot of youngsters are probably trying to find the ideal colleges for them to apply. Graduates of media courses like Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM), Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) etc. specifically are wondering which field (Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism) to go for, and which colleges for those fields are the best. Even after narrowing down to a few colleges, its difficult to pick out the one that fits your need perfectly. As difficult as it may seem, we’ve a few tips for you:

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Public Relations – Advertising Relationship

“Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for” goes the saying. More often than not these acts of paying and praying aren’t mutually exclusive. Often clients will want PR and advertising consultancies to work together. Because increasingly campaign ideas originate out of PR practice (and are boosted through advertising).

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Creative Press Releases

We often see people applying their creative minds to grab attention in various areas of their lives. We have seen people getting hired for a job because they could get a response from the CEO of their potential employer on a social media site. We have seen creative resumes- videos & infographics floating around in emails. And we have also seen creative resignations going viral on the digital platform- all for the sake of getting attention. Hence creativity for the purpose of communications is only natural.

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5 Ways to Create Great Content

We’ve been witnessing an evolution in the kind of content that creates impact. Brands are becoming equally competent and tactful with paid and owned media, leaving only earned media to truly create differentiation. And that is where quality content and the ability to create it become invaluable assets.

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Reputation Today Conclave – Bangalore

This feature originally appears in the online edition of the Reputation Today Magazine

On the 20th of April 2017, The Park hotel in Bangalore saw a gathering of over 80 professionals from the communications business eager to learn new concepts about communications, storytelling and reputation. This was The Reputation Today Conclave’s second edition in Bangalore. The speakers lined up for the event were ace communicators and helped individuals gain knowledge in  their sectors.

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