PR Mantras

PR Mantras - rules and guidelines that can be followed for a good career in public relations that our institute teaches, which makes SCoRe one of the best and top institutes of media in the country.

Here are certain mantras to be followed by every PR professional. (Based on learnings)

1) Become a source of media information: Be well versed with the happenings of the current world.

2) Advance planning helps multitasking: Train yourself to be  well  organised.

3) Learn to prioritise: Always give important work the highest priority.
4) Keep calm, coz ‘Crisis’ is here: Don’t panic, there’s a solution for everything.
5) Make friends with the media: Since media playa a key role, keep the relation going. You never know when they could come of any help.

6) Follow rules, don’t assume: Rules are meant to be followed. Stop overthinking.

7) Pitch a trend: Always focus on the current happenings of the society.

– Nicole Fichardo

Nicole is currently a Junior Account Executive at Avian Media, one of India’s leading PR firms, where she received an internship and a final offer out of Class of 2017 of SCoRe. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Her interest in working in areas that give her a chance to interact with people drove her towards a career in PR. She’s interested in photography, exploring new places, is a movie addict and a music lover.

She can be reached @NicoleFichardo on Twitter and as Nicole Fichardo on LinkedIn.



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