Public Relations in Wedding Planning

Stereotyping someone because of his or her background/linkages is the basic human tendency. People assume that if someone is born in a family of doctors, he/she will undoubtedly follow the family tradition. Now being raised in a Bengali family, I have always had a knack for literature and history. And not to mention Bollywood! Till date I have always done a first day first show of Shah Rukh Khan’s movies.

People belittle Bollywood stating it shows vulgarity. Blaming that it displays nonsensical action scenes, appreciates stalking and many more. Then again there are movies that inspire us, make us laugh and contemplate life. It makes us envision from a minute thing like pen to a gigantic thing like aeroplane. Indeed, Bollywood affects the youth to a prodigious extent. We try to copy our reel life heroes and their doings in our real lives. But apart from all the negativity that Bollywood usually attracts, it oozes positivity too. A movie like ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ probably gave so many confused youngsters, a new career option.

Back in 2010, wedding planning wasn’t really considered to be a great career option. And we have always grown up, watching wedding situations when the elders took the call for everything under the sun.  They decided it all like, right from the food to the guest list. But now people hire wedding planner who decides the whole shebang. These wedding planners are given a budget and based on it, they draw out the best detailed way to execute the wedding.

Managing a Public Relations profile is tough and challenging. It has its perks and its down-votes too. Being in this field the relations manager has to take care of the entire crisis department and much more. He/she has to do from the job of consoling the drunk uncle to the job of finding the bride’s lost earring. Has to hug the fat aunties with heavy jewelries to double check that no one leaves, without tasting the chocolate pan! And most importantly one has to be an extrovert in this particular field. One has to know the tricks of the trade like how to deviate a conversation before it takes an ugly turn and so on.

Apart from all these hassles which at time turn maddening, a public relations manager gets to relish lot many perquisites. And public relations in wedding planning is the biggest thing right now.

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– Riya Sarkar
Riya is a student of the Class of 2018 of the PG Programme in Public Relations at SCoRe. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. She can be reached at Riya Sarkar on LinkedIn and @sarkarriya_92 on Twitter.



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