17 movers and shakers of 2017

As we come the end of the year, here is one of few lists I will create, because I have figured that most Public Relations professionals love lists. This list is about 17 people who moved in 2017 and is divided into two parts. There could have been others who moved but these were significant. They include those who changed jobs and those who became entrepreneurs. The details are based on publicly available information and I did not speak to any of them for this piece. Read more “17 movers and shakers of 2017”

Public Relations Tools PR Professionals love to use

Every profession has various set rules when it comes to following standard software & tools, and so does the profession of Public Relations. But the beauty for a communications professional is the fact that this standardisation is fairly limited for us. We all are largely free to experiment and work as per our individual choice as long as the work gets done. Read more “Public Relations Tools PR Professionals love to use”

10 signs you are made for Public Relations

Your first job will probably not be as you would have expected (generally speaking). At that age, you probably have a limited understanding of you would LIKE to do, and what you CAN do. There are, however, some signs that can tell you if a certain type of work is for you. For the profession of Public Relations, for example, there are a few inherent qualities that some of the happiest Public Relations professionals possess, some of which we’re synthesising here. Read more “10 signs you are made for Public Relations”

Negotiating With Tough Customers – By Steve Reilly

Negotiating With Tough Customers – Book Review of the best seller by Steve Reilly

To define negotiation – it is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome over one or more issues where conflict exists. This beneficial outcome can be for all of the parties involved or just for one or some of them.
Read more “Negotiating With Tough Customers – By Steve Reilly”

Problem Solving in Public Relations – Cure the disease, not the symptom

Understanding the core objective of a campaign or reputation issue, rather than aiming for its superficial metrics 

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The 30 Top Corporate Communications Teams in India

There are over a thousand companies in India that have a corporate communications leader. This is a back-of-the-envelope estimate. Even if the Top 25 firms had an average of 40 clients, we would reach a four-digit figure. These companies include listed companies, private limited companies and multinational companies.

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