Can Media Relations be taught?

As the business of Public Relations is evolving, and digital media & owned media are making place in the Public Relations plans, we as Public Relations professionals often question the importance of Media Relations in our work. And no matter what we say or do we cannot undermine the fact; that media relations exist very dominantly in our business. Read more “Can Media Relations be taught?”

Data Analytics in Public Relations

Role of Data Analytics in Public Relations can range from creating the right public relations strategies to measuring and optimising them.

For the better part of the last few decades, we’ve seen Public Relations to be considered a difficult to measure or sometimes immeasurable communications effort. Several norms and practices have come in and gone out of acceptance by consultants and clients, each rejected for its lack of accuracy. But despite the absence of an absolute way of measuring its impact, there is a lot of data produced through PR campaigns, and several insights can be drawn from its analyses. Word of mouth that happens as a result of a PR activity is now social – permanently recorded and measurable.

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