5 Reasons Why Should You Always Integrate Your Marketing and PR Strategies

In a world where the content consumption pattern is Omni-channel, it is imperative to master strategies that integrate marketing with PR. In fact as a communications professional today, it’s not just difficult but close to impossible to keep your PR strategies out of your marketing mix. The two need to co-exist. 5 reasons why one should always look at integrating these two brand building strategies are:

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Some of the Top Industries using PR and How

Every industry needs public relations (PR). Industries such as automobile, retail, FMCG, aviation, entertainment etc. are using PR the most. These could be press release, reputation management, crisis communication and more. PR is not just about promoting businesses but to ensure that the business remains top of minds among target audience.

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Give what they want, not what you want to

How do you feel when you go to a chemist shop and ask for a particular medicine and he ends up giving something else totally? And to defend his point, all he says is, “Medicine is the same. Just that the brand is different!” Or how annoying does it feel when you try to book tickets for a particular event and the ticket boy tries to manipulate your seat number saying, the view will be the same?

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A Letter to Class of 2018 of PR School – SCoRe

Dear Class of 2018,

I wrote a mail for the inaugural batch last year which you can read here. As you complete the Post Graduate programme in Public Relations at the world’s only #PRSchool and embark on a new journey in the world of work I will remind you to keep the SCoRe values close to your heart and apply them to every thought and action. These five words will act as a mentor when a human one does not seem to be around.

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Gateway to better leadership – Adding Strategic Communications studies to MBA & non-traditional programmes

In April 2018 got an opportunity to be a part of The Bridge Conference, organised by the Institute for PR, Washington DC. IPR Bridge aimed to bring together the academia and the profession of public relations and strategic communications. I found this particularly fascinating for two reasons.

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What PR Education Today Needs

Public Relations education today is in dire need of academicians who understand the craft of communications. In India, there are few institutes that offer Public Relations as an elective or a specialisation. However, only the School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe) is dedicated to training aspiring professionals in this field which is both, an art and a science.

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What Indian Public Relations Firms look for in freshers 

Public Relations firms have great expectations from freshers who are starting out in the profession. They look for a variety of attributes in the youngsters they hire. Here is a list of a dozen qualities one looks for. The more characteristics on display the better it is.

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Truth, Intelligence and Profit are the core of Public Relations

At the tenth World Public Relations Forum – probably the most diverse and reputed Public Relations gathering in the world the theme is: Value! Communication’s impact in a digital and ever-changing world. And delegates will explore these changes from three main perspectives: truth, profit and intelligence. These are simple yet powerful terms that fully comprise public relations.

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Work hard to leave your imprint

How does it feel when someone forgets your name? Or rather when someone calls out a wrong name for you? Or even worse, someone pretends to remember you but can’t recall your name? Well maybe disgusting, annoying or insulting? But do you know that these feelings shouldn’t be coming to your mind. Rather you should think that why didn’t your presence leave an unforgettable mark in their minds. Like why didn’t you do something that extraordinary and unforgettable?

So, like I mentioned in my second last blog, I recently completed my two months of internship at a reputed Public Relations firm. And thanks to my jovial nature I ended up making some great friends. I mean, I can seek their help in future and they won’t turn me down. I know I will not be avoided by them. Question here is, what difference does this make? Why is it so important to leave good imprint on someone’s mind? Why is important to be acceptable and loved?

Answer is simple. So that you get your work done easily. Or rather to put it in a more professional way, to get importance. I’ll share my internship experiences here to make my point valid. So, during these two months, I used to abide by deadlines, do my research well, ask questions till I got clarity. I used to stay back till 8.30pm and work even when the office hours got over at 6pm. I used to help others with their work load when I didn’t have much on my plate. There were days when I had to scan papers and look for coverage for a particular client. During those times, I not only looked for my client’ coverage, I also looked for my colleague’s client’s coverage. And the moment I found any, I used to take a picture and WhatsApp it to my colleague. The response to that WhatsApp was not only a Thank You but a sense of gratitude which I could sense. That was immense for me.

I remember one of my colleague who told me that she appreciated my constant questioning till I got clarity. I recall my manager who praised my extra effort and dedication to make work (coverage) happen. I remember her appreciating my 60 mails a day to numerous journalists, when I thought that she will be irritated with so many mails (I used to mark her in CC).

For me, the net result was, being loved and appreciated to the point when the India Practice Chair asks you to join back. Also, I would love to share her note here but then that would give away the name of my Public Relations firm and for some personal reasons, I want to keep it under wrap. I know that I have left my mark there and they will always remember me, no matter what.

So, next time if someone can’t recall your name, don’t let those dreadful thoughts cross your mind. Rather ask yourself, these three simple questions.

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-Riya Sarkar

Riya is a student of the Class of 2018 of the Post Graduate Programme in Public Relations at SCoRe. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. She can be reached at Riya Sarkar on LinkedIn and @sarkarriya_92 on Twitter.