Public Relations Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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As 2017 ends and we gear up for another calendar year here are a few public relations trends for the year ahead. Feel free to read my piece from last year here –

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A Good Pitch

Communications professionals are influencers. Their job is to build and manage reputation of brands that they manage. To be able to achieve this goal, one of the things that a PR professional frequently does, is to interact with media. The interaction takes place because of two primary reasons. One is to maintain the relationship with the media, as they are an important stakeholder for the communications business. And the other is to actively pitch a story. Since it is essential for a communications consultant to prepare a good pitch for the journalist, I thought of listing down the points that make for a successful pitch. My thoughts are as follows:

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Preparing for a Crisis

What constitutes a public relations crisis? In a world of disastrous earthquakes and tsunamis, crises means threat to human life and peaceful living when the same word is used in the world of business it means an emergency that is usually unexpected but can be anticipated.

One of the most recent and popular examples of such a crisis is the discovery of dangerous level of MSG and lead in Maggi Noodles which is one of the most favourite and popular snack amongst Indian families. The point of discussion here is how a company (in this case Nestle) should have prepared plan in order to protect its reputation.

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Public Relations Profession – Busting the Myths

From young professionals to the external world at large, the public relations profession gives a different idea to everyone.These ideas are usually misplaced; thanks to pop culture references and a prima facie knowledge of the profession. Those who are fortunate enough to come closer to the world of public relations (or become a part of it) and see the reality, may receive the real picture either as a pleasant epiphany or as a complete shock.

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Why is Internal Communications Important?

There is no challenging the power of communications in any aspect of our lives. We all know, that whether it is personal or professional relationships, communication and engagement is very important for people to function efficiently. Which is the role that effective internal communications plays for brands.

In organisations ‘Internal Communications’ is a function that is widely known but may or may not be well understood with the due significance attached to it.

There are several benefits of having an effective internal communications system and these are all connected in some manner. I am going to list down top five that I feel are the most important: 

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PR Firm Visit!

It is not every day when you get to visit the place you wish to work for a year from now.  We were given a field assignment to visit a Public Relations  consultancy officially on behalf of our client the PRomise Foundation to pitch about the ABCPRize.  It was decided that each team of two will cover four consultancies each. The consultancies covered by us were Adfactors PRMSL GroupAvian Media, and PR Pundit.

Coming to the most exciting part, I got an opportunity to travel by local train which is known to be the lifeline of Mumbai. So, dressed in full formals we went to the firms. At each public relations consultancy the representatives met us. It was quite a surprise for us that in spite of being so busy with their tight work schedules they took out time to interact with us.

In MSL Group, we not only met the representative but her team members on the floor too. They gave us an insight into how they work and what it takes to be a Public Relations Professional. There is always a learning to each and every aspect of life, the visit was a learning in itself.

Overall it was a good experience to network with professionals you would look up to. We really appreciated the assistance and the knowledge they imparted to us.

-Prerna Porwal

this piece on public relations consultancy visit is prerna porwal - class of 2017 post graduate in public relations and corporate communications from india's top institute of public relations and mass communications, eventually joining one of India's leading public relations consultancy Prerna is a Post Graduate in Public Relations from School of COmmunications & REputation (SCoRe), #ClassOf2017. She is currently completing her internship at Adfactors PR, India’s leading Public Relations consultancy. A firm believer in perfection, Prerna has completed her MBA in Entrepreneurship from Institute of Management, Nirma University. She has gained abundant knowledge and expertise in playing managerial roles. Understanding as well as communicating effectively with an audience is one of her core strengths.

She can be reached @Porwal_Prerna on Twitter and as Prerna Porwal on LinkedIn.

What makes PR one of the most dynamic profession!

When I joined the Public Relations profession in the year 2011, I had very little idea as to what the profession was. I remember having an impression about ‘Advertising’ being a fun and creative career choice but somehow I had little to no idea about PR. The only impression I had was perhaps, that I did not think it was interesting enough. However I somehow landed in Public Relations and soon realised it was an interesting and intelligent space.

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Top 5 Must Watch Movies for Communications Professionals

Communications Professionals draw inspiration from from any story being told, even movies.

At SCoRe we have built a small library of several books on Public Relations and Communications that we feel our fraternity should read. From biographies to text books, it includes works that can be sources of inspiration and ideas to be more powerful Communications Professionals. We highly recommend you to come and pick a copy, and/or recommend books that should be added.

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Come, fall in love with learning!

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Like most other products of the Indian education system, I grew up being a marks oriented (as opposed to a learning oriented) student. My curiosity died a slow death, with the constant reinforcement of the notion that the main goal of each academic year was to do exceedingly well in examinations. I really enjoyed getting good grades, and that was always my biggest motivation to study.

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Attributes of a Public Relations Faculty

The space of communications in India is changing FAST – the rise of new media platforms; the shift in the way Indians consume news and information – has all challenged traditional approaches to Public Relations, and will continue to evolve it. But more importantly, it has created a need for people who understand these shifts and can skill up the Public Relations community rapidly – The Public Relations Faculty.

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