11 Tips for Crisis Management!

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organisation, its stakeholders, or the general public. Tackling a crisis can be very challenging and difficult most of the times.

Always remember there are three parts to a crisis:

What is happening?

What are you doing about it?

If the key message is circulating in the media.

If you are a budding PR professional and have newly joined the fraternity, these few tips will definitely be of use.

  1. Do Not Panic.
  2. Any crisis has to be handled with utmost care or it may spin out of control.
  3. When in a crisis, do not be aggressive or defensive. Just be honest and a decent human being!
  4. You can only manage a crisis but not control it.
  5. Always remember, media is a watchdog of society!
  6. Keep in mind, when addressing the crisis, “say it all and say it fast”, especially for a big story or large crisis.
  7. Try to find credibility.
  8. While time is of essence, do not make a move without knowing all the facts.
  9. Always send in a written statement, it works the best!
  10. In a weak circumstance, it is sometimes better to send out a Press Release, giving out relevant information.
  11. State your point of view in a compact fashion as the media will always support the underdog!

Bonus content! Here are some more tips from Brighton Agency!

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Amy Crasto

Amy was a part of class of 2017 of #PRSchool SCoRe - India's best and most powerful media and communications programme offering guaranteed internships and placements Amy is a Post Graduate in Public Relations from School of COmmunications & REputation (SCoRe), #ClassOf2017. She is currently completing her internship at Genesis Burson Mastellar, one of India’s leading Public Relations firms. Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She
chose the line of PR as a profession as she likes challenges and is always ready to take on a new one.

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