Tips on Storytelling!

Storytelling is an important skill for students of mass communications and public relations to learn, hence it is taught in two trimesters of india's best public relations and communications programme

1) Practice writing: They say practice makes a man perfect. This statement however stands true. The more you practice writing, one day you’ll be a master at it. After all in PR, content is king.

2) Keep in mind the takeaway message: Always keep in mind what is that one message you want your readers to receive. Based on that you need to write your story.

3) Keep the story short: Who enjoys reading long boring articles? Not me for sure. As a PR student, we’ve always been told that short stories always catches the interest of the readers.

4) Media loves challenges: Yes. Media craves for gossip. Always feed Media with stories that has a challenging statement.

5) Four components of a story: A story should always have a) Headline b) Beginning c) Middle and d) End.

6) Human interest: Keep in mind to have a human connect in your story.

7) Be creative: Creative thinking inspires ideas, and ideas inspire change.

8) Good command over English: Would it excite you to read an article that’s pathetically written? I bet not. Always take care of spellings, vocabulary and punctuations.

9) Be authentic: Be true with your words. Do not fake anything.

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– Nicole Fichardo 

Nicole Fichardo is Class of 2017 of PR School and an under graduate of Xavier's MumbaiNicole is currently a Junior Account Executive at Avian Media, one of India’s leading PR firms, where she received an internship and a final offer out of Class of 2017 of SCoRe. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Her interest in working in areas that give her a chance to interact with people drove her towards a career in PR. She’s interested in photography, exploring new places, is a movie addict and a music lover.



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