Advanced certificate in Public Relations with PRCAI

Public Relations Consultants Association Presents The Advanced Certificate in Public Relations, which is a short term certificate programme for working professionals and students.

Why an Advanced Certificate in Public Relations? The practice of Public Relations is becoming fascinatingly complex. For one thing, today’s PR professional can’t do with just media engagement expertise. They need to be at least jacks of paid and owned media, while being master of earned media.

In most communications roles (client or consultancy) a PR pro is increasingly expected to give direction to social media, internal communications and advertising approaches to create hard hitting and unforgettable campaigns.

Resultantly we see more and more communications professionals sensing the need to acquire PR skill set, or at least an exposure to it. Working professionals and students of communications can use a quick and extensive immersion into PR, to be ready to be effective communications professionals.

This was our motivation to design a part time programme with an advanced certificate in public relations, which gives a powerful addition of fundamental and technical skills of PR. Besides being easily accessible to working professionals and students (Tue, Wed, Sat, 6-8pm), the programme packs several important aspects of PR into nearly 10 weeks of training:

  1. Business Writing:

This module focuses on effective research and writing skills, especially from the perspective of designing powerful content. Participants get a chance to understand and apply the approaches to draft written pitches, articles and content for owned media for a variety of communications objectives

  1. PR Techniques and Practice

The goal of this module is to familiarise participants to various kinds of practices to which PR consultants contribute, and help them develop their own consulting toolkits which can be used in unfamiliar scenarios. Participants apply it to various case studies based on real life PR campaigns.

  1. Media Management

This tactical module will take participants through the dynamics of media – from understanding the media ecosystem to effectively engaging it. It covers the basics of identifying the right media and building relevant media lists, to the best practices of approaching and pitching to media.

  1. Digital Media

In the context of increasing overlap of various digital platforms into reputation management, this module will help participants understand how to spot opportunities to wield the power of Paid, Earned, Search, and Owned (PESO Model), and use these platforms to maximise reach of campaigns.

The training methodology mirrors our core approach at SCoRe – case study based teaching. With the contribution of PRCAI and PRomise Foundation, SCoRe is able to supplement this programme with case studies of incredibly unique and award winning campaigns, which are nearly impossible to access otherwise.

The programme also includes complementary access to two communications conclaves hosted by Reputation Today Magazine, where the participants can learn from and interact with senior communicators from leading PR firms and Corporate Communications Teams.

More details about the Advanced Certificate in Public Relations can be found here:

If you’re interested in participating, write to us at or call: 98115 72673

or Click Here.



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