On Social Media in Public Relations

public relations and social media are going hand in hand. in India's top mass communications school - SCoRe, we ensure that the learnings of social media and digital pr are consistently imparted to our students

Writing and reading is something a child learns from an early age. It starts off as a way to get assimilated into society and to understand what people around you are talking off. As we continue on the path of life, for some people, the reason changes. It becomes more to express than just to stay connected with people.

The same can be said for talking. As children, we learn to talk by listening to the people around us. In our formative years, the kind of adults surrounding us plays a major role in lives. We pick up the language, their way of talking, accents, etc.

When these 3 actions come together, it creates a powerful energy than can create changes in the very world we live in. All the social media we use is centred around them. Issues ae bought to the forefront, the good and bad parts are discussed, solutions/remedies are thought of and shared. All this happens behind glass screens and by people u may not know off.

Social media can connect people by it also creates a divide and a barrier that can be impregnable. Families addicted to their phones won’t talk to each other even though they are all siting together. People’s life savings can be wiped out by hacker and there is no way to regain it. Morphed pictures of women are sent around by vicious old flames or creepy stalker. Fake news and facts are splashed all across the internet and gullible people fall for it. The number of scams and online thefts are on the rise.

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– Judelyne Banerji 

Judelyne is a Post Graduate in Public Relations from School of COmmunications & REputation (SCoRe), #ClassOf2017. At the time of publishing this post, She is completing her internship at MSL Group India, one of India’s leading Public Relations firms, where she intends to join as Management Associate. She is a Bachelor in Arts with honours in English Literature. She has a very creative bent of mind which she has so far applied in arts and crafts at various levels, and hopes to continue to apply it professionally too.

She can be reached @Juzzzybe on Twitter and as Judelyne Banerji on LinkedIn



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