What Indian Public Relations Firms look for in freshers 

public relations fresher

Public Relations firms have great expectations from freshers who are starting out in the profession. They look for a variety of attributes in the youngsters they hire. Here is a list of a dozen qualities one looks for. The more characteristics on display the better it is.

1. Flair for writing

Public Relations cannot happen if you cannot write using correct grammar, accurate spelling, appropriate punctuation and short sentences.

2. Thirst for Knowledge and Research

Knowledge comes from listening, interacting, exploring and researching. These, if done right require hard work and patience.

3. Quest for Reading

If you do not have the habit of reading at least one book a month, then this is a tough profession to be in. Reading subject matter books are a bonus

4. Communications Skills

Speaking well is important to sell an idea, discuss a concept and to market a product or service to a stakeholder.

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5. Common Sense

Loads of these will come in handy at every step of the way. Whether it is in gathering insights, evaluating a campaign or pitching a new business, common sense wins.

6. Passion and Energy

A lot of work is event based and includes travel. Long hours will be a common thing in the business. Do you have passion and energy for the long haul?

7. Self-Belief

This has to be nurtured over a period of time and is possible by not just doing the right things but by doing everything right. There’s a difference.

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8. Reliability

You need to be a person to whom a task can be entrusted without the fear that it will remain incomplete. This is even more true for freshers in public relations

9. Go-getter Attitude

This will be an attribute that will separate the boys and girls from men and women. If you’re a fresher in public relations and do not develop this early on, life ahead can be turbulent

10. Honesty

Ethics has to be at the forefront of all that we do. And it start within each of us. The best policy is to be honest to oneself and to others.

11. Street-smartness

This is difficult to explain but a successful public relations freshers will know what this is at the end of his or her first year in the job.

12. Courage

To think differently, to share an idea, to stand up for what is right, to take a stand, to be counted and above all to make an impact when it matters most.



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