A Letter to Class of 2017 of PR School – SCoRe

The class of 2017, completing their Post Graduation in Public Relations of india's top public relations and corporate communications college . with outstanding faculty and excellent curriculum. score offers the best PR course in india

Dear Class of 2017,

As you go on to join your first roles in Public Relations, you’ll be putting to practice a lot of stuff you’ve learned or observed over the last nine months in your Post Graduation in Public Relations. Over 70 senior communicators (heads of PR consultancies & corporate communications teams), and business owners have shared their experiences and insights with you on what it takes to be a powerful PR professional. And you on your part have been brilliant students absorbing and assimilating these insights.

But as you start your internships with some of the biggest Public Relations firms in India, let us caution you that your journey has only just begun. The rigour that you experienced at SCoRe was only the tip of the iceberg of the real world of Public Relations. The expectations from you out there (amplified by the fact that you’re students of an institute that has been built by the PR community) will be endless.

And while it may seem overwhelming, your training and your passion across your Post Graduation in Public Relations that we’ve observed ensures that you’re more than capable of acing at those expectations.

Therefore, we want to reiterate some pieces of advice for you. Here are some practices and attitudes that you MUST demonstrate in the next few months:

Punctuality: We have followed this philosophy since day one – if you’re not five minutes early, you’re already too late.

Learning: This is an opportunity to gain incredible learning, don’t take your students’ hats off just yet. Ask questions, pay attention and take notes. Your Reading and Writing MUST continue.

Take initiative: Don’t wait to be spoon-fed. Speak up and if you’re worried about looking stupid – there’s no such thing as a stupid question and if there is, it’s better asked as an intern than later.

Check your ego in at the reception: PR can be a stressful profession quite often and therefore your seniors may not always sugar coat things. Should you find yourself being chewed out or criticised, take it constructively.

Embrace challenge: Take and complete assignments without complaining. You’ll be one of the youngest people in the organisation – capitalise this asset that only you have. Which means you can put in longer hours and greater ingenuity than most others.

Value yourself: Value your time and invest in yourself. Have complete confidence in your ability, as you’re one of the most talented freshers in PR that we’ve met. Don’t let anyone harass you in anyway.

Finally know that you’ll owe your professional trajectory more to your first job than anything else so give it your best!

– School of COmmunications & REputation.



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