Rise Of Video Podcasts In India

Video Podcasts started popping up on YouTube a little over a year ago. It started with AIB’s Podcast with Kunal Nayyar. Then SNG started a weekly feature with ‘The Big Question’ and the rest is history.

Ever since the AIB Roast, the consumership of Indian Comedy videos has shot up. We have 5 minute video spots, game shows and comedy specials. Now, video podcasts are easily accessible to the public.

To find out the best video podcasts channels to follow, check the list below –


SNG have released a video podcast once a week for the last 18 months. Their format is to bring a comedian/Bollywood celebrity into their group and talk about a random topic for 20 minutes. Their discussions range from nostalgic stories about the rains to game of thrones episode reviews. Feel-good content at it’s best!

AIB Podcast:

All India Bakchod are known for publishing great comedic digital content. They use multiple mediums. They are known for their work on Youtube. They have also worked at award shows & late night shows (On Air with AIB). Their podcasts too, have a great fan following. They have guests ranging from Kunal Nayyar to Irrfan Khan to Shah Rukh Khan.

To find their podcasts, follow this link –

Daniel Fernandez Podcast – ‘You Started It’:

Daniel Fernandez is known for his 12-20 minute comedy sets on a social issue. In ‘You Started it’ he chats with comedians or people that have been on the news recently. They discuss a recent interaction they’ve had with a fan or a troll on social media.

He releases an episode every week. The next episode with Tanmay Bhatt and Faye DSouza releases this Sunday. Until then, watch this to catch up –

Kunal Kamra Podcast – ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal!’:

Kunal Kamra has been in the comedy circuit for half a decade. He had 3 viral comedy videos in this year. For speaking about politics and the government, he received multiple death threats. But that hasn’t brought him down. In this podcast, he has a constructive discussion with a BJP Youth Leader, a Congress Spokesperson and 2 famous JNU students about multiple topics.

To find out more, follow the link given below –

– Ishaan Lahiri

Ishaan is a student of the Class of 2018 of the PG Programme in Public Relations at SCoRe. He has completed his Bachelors in Psychology from Ambedkar University, Delhi. He can be reached at Ishaan Lahiri on LinkedIn and @LahiriIshaan on Twitter



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