Some of the Top Industries using PR and How

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Every industry needs public relations (PR). Industries such as automobile, retail, FMCG, aviation, entertainment etc. are using PR the most. These could be press release, reputation management, crisis communication and more. PR is not just about promoting businesses but to ensure that the business remains top of minds among target audience.

Therefore, positioning oneself in the world of cut throat competition has become challenging for PR professionals. It’s really important to keep track of what one does and how it is done. It’s no secret that companies need brand awareness, media coverage and reputation management, and they always will. Every industry demands its own positioning in a very unique way.

Industries are categorised as under:

  • Product oriented industries are the industries which sell tangible products and target consumers so as to increase their customer base.
  • Service oriented industries focus in providing best services to its clients in the form of advisory or consultation

For instance, take a look at how PR consultancies are involved with automobile industry in creating awareness for the public. The campaigns are driven by the PR consultancies, and they are also involved in developing the press releases for their clients. For example, in collaboration with Anil Kapoor’s television series 24, Two S-Cross which were driven across the streets of Delhi, where the entire city could participate; all they had to do was grab a picture of the car and tweet about it using #AnilKapoorInScross. The campaign received over 17,000 mentions on Twitter and trended for over 24 hours.

A retail PR strategy not only focus to keep the consumers informed about their latest products but they are also keen to work creatively in developing the strategies. Public relation professionals will make retailers to work on positive media coverage, online buzz and community involvement to become a medal-worthy retailer. In 2015, Domino’s announced that US customers can order their pizza by tweeting the corresponding emoji, describing as ‘epitome of convenience’. But as you know not all PR fuss create a positive splash.

FMCG industry is the 4th largest sector in Indian economy, to India Brand Equity Foundation. It is highly driven by the changing consumers’ habits and the major cultural shift in the lifestyle of people. The industry needs a fast-acting PR pro that engages with the brand and to the consumers’ mind as well. For example, Whisper, the sanitary napkin brand from P&G is out to restore that freedom of women in ‘Touch the pickle’ – a campaign designed to bust period taboos.

Banking Financial Services and Insurance industry is the world’s fastest growing economy but is grappling with challenges that tests its strength and resilience. Once the brand loses its identity, it loses the customer loyalty as they have a long term relationship with their income and lifetime savings at stake. For example, State Bank of India’s campaign called as ‘Braving the Tsunami of Demonetisation’ helped the customers to go for cashless transactions.

Airline industry too handles the routine marketing and media practices so as to keep their customers updated. LEVICK Aviation PR team is a first responder whenever any tragedy strikes. They have different PR services for airline industry which offers not only to communicate special offers but also to address and manage the catastrophe which can occur if the grievance cell is not managed by staff effectively. Promotions, building relationships, campaigns for new launch of services, digital PR and social media are quite a few interesting activities that PR manages.

The glamorous life of public relations in entertainment industry is not the one filled with red carpet, celebrities and attending parties. PR in entertainment deal with very practical kind of people and not to the people representing brand or any organisation. Content creation for social media platforms to promote films, writing reviews, promotion of events related to film are all part of PR activities working in the entertainment industry. We can quote an example from the recent release of Akshay Kumar’s movie Padman, which got viral on the social media and was supported by thousands of his followers using hashtag – #padmanchallenge. The motive of this campaign was to destigmatise about menstruation in all parts of India and to create more awareness through the campaign. To get rid of the shame that women carry associated with menstruation.

Be it any industry which is catering to different market segments, public relations know what and how to do to place their brands reputation in the eyes of their customers. If you’re selling a product, demonstrate its usage through creativity. If you’re providing any service, ensure your target group understands what you’re intending to sell. Hence to build the reputation of a brand, it’s important to run PR activities effectively by laying down an effective PR plan that is capable of raising awareness.

Ratnanjali is Marketing Coordinator at SCoRe. She studied Masters in Business Administration in Finance & Marketing from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra and has done graduation in Bachelor’s in Technology (Computer Science & Engineering) from Amity University, Noida.  She enjoys reading & writing and fond of cooking. She aspires to have her own cafe & clothing brand. She can be reached at @ratnanjali25 on Twitter and here on Linkedin. Here’s a link to her personal blog –



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