Personal Branding The S.M.A.R.T. Way

“Always be a giver.” This is something that I learnt today during a lecture in my post graduate programme in public relations. In no time, the idea for my new blog post barged into my mind – personal branding. Why not share with my readers a chunk from my knowledge diary. Pay my dues for all the love that they have been showering upon my blogs evermore!

So, why personal branding?

Imagine. Today, the world is synonymous to this compact room where everyone with an elite business degree is crammed together. What is it that sets them apart?

Considering the re-defined and ingenious manner of recruitement that different companies have been adopting these days, if you do not stand out from the mob, you won’t survive. Personal branding is all about differentiation. Simple as that. It establishes a credibilty for yourself.

So why not work towards  re-inventing ourselves today?

Personal branding is as crucial for individuals today as much as it is for a global company. The power of influence and persuasion that it brings along with it is humongous. What better example of personal branding could I give other than that of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. The way he’s carved a personal brand out of himself is phenomenal. It won’t be a wrong thing to say that he is among the top popular world leaders today!

Here are the five S.M.A.R.T. traits that you could begin with in the process of creating a successful brand out of yourself.

1) S: Unleashing Social

The digital platform has brought to being a whole new world today. Stories are being created on social media every single day in real-time. You surely don’t want to miss any of that. Hence, an active and prominent presence on social media is imperative.

•Make sure you are active on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, KarmaCircles etc

•Have your own personal blog which could act as a window to your thoughts

•If possible, invest in a website for yourself, carrying your name. It adds a silver feather to your cap
Activities on social media could be used as a prime measure to evaluate your personality as well. Hence, it comes with a ‘handle with care’ tag.

2) M: Optimising Magnanimity

Magnanimity in simple words refers to the greatness of mind, elevation or dignity of soul. Always volunteer for a social welfare cause or donate a small sum of what you earn to people who need it the most. More than anything else, it will make you feel good about yourself. Be a good person because it shall in some way or the other reflect in your personality.

Also, try to mentor and train individuals capable of achieving great heights. You could do that by  sharing your wisdom with them once you have a profound experience. It will always come back to you in some form.

3)A: Being Agile

If you aspire to achieve something in your life, you must move out of your comfort zone. Being agile simply suggests that you should always be up on your toes to accept challenges thrown at you. Learn how to fit, how to adjust. Travel the world. Save up and add a new city or a new country to your travel diary every year. That is how you get an opportunity to meet new people, experience new cultures and broaden your perspective. It is a great way to cultivate new ideas, since it triggers your creative juices to flow.

4) R: Protecting Reputation.

Protect your reputation like you would protect your  child. Never let any vile act discredit you. Avoid being a part of anything that will add a blemish to your personality. Most of all, take a stand for yourself if you know you are right. Do not hesitate from laying your opinion with firmness and sharing your beliefs. Reputation is very easy to lose and tough to retain. Again, I say, handle it with care.

5) M: Managing Time

An excuse for being late is always irrelevant. Sometimes, it could also exhibit you as a careless, irresponsible person. Punctuality or promptness speaks volumes about your personality. With diligent efforts and will,  it becomes a part of your life.

All the aforementioned virtues are paramount in moulding one’s personality, credibility and reputation. You and only you can either construct or wreck your personal brand. It is all about doing every thing right and making the right choices. That is it.

– Shreya Dubey

Shreya Dubey is class of 2018 of the post graduate programme in public relations and corporate communications in india's leading institute of mass communications - score

Shreya is a student of the Class of 2018 of the PG Programme in Public Relations at SCoRe. She has completed her Bachelors in Mass Media from S.K. Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce. She can be reached at Shreya Dubey on LinkedIn and @ShreyaDubey96 on Twitter.



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