India’s Best Institutes of Public Relations

Best Institutes of Public Relations

In the last couple of years we’ve gotten a chance to take a close look at several institutes of public relations in Mumbai, NCR and Bangalore – where (post graduate) PR education is provided or from where PR consultancies recruit. After studying various factors such as curricula, career prospects, affordability, location, industry connect, infrastructure, alumni network, we’ve shortlisted these five:

These are the best institutes of public relations in India:

1. Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai

Besides the legacy, good curriculum, the biggest plus of this institute is that it attracts the brightest aspirants, by virtue of it being ranked at the top. Which means the level of competitiveness and the learning what a typical student (from faculty as well as her peers) is quite high. Being one of the best institutes of public relations in India it is also usually one of the preferred recruitment grounds for India’s leading PR consultancies

2. School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe)

After several years in the communications and reputation management, a group of PR professionals got together to create this institute. Taught by India’s leading PR professionals on cutting edge ideas – teaching aspirants of PR exactly what they need to learn to hit the ground running in India’s top PR firms. It is also the only PR programme endorsed by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI). The biggest plus is that the students perform as PR professionals from Day 1. All of it makes it arguably India’s most powerful PR programme and one of the best institutes of public relations in India

3. Symbiosis’ Institutes: SIMC, Pune & SSMC, Bangalore

These MBA and MS programmes are very robust; and similar to XIC, by virtue of their legacy they attract some very bright candidates. SSMC is new so it may take some time to get up there, but SIMC has long been considered as one of the top institutes for communications. The only cons are that these are two year programmes, and the fees maybe very steep

4. Delhi School of Communications (DSC), Delhi

This is one institute that has improved their one year programme consistently and with dedication. They’ve also improved their industry connect over the years. Alumi have commended the individual focus that they receive (rare for large institutes). Placements record has been great. Considered one of the best in Delhi

5. Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), Delhi

This institute has been ranked amongst the top 5 institutes for post graduate education for a long time. It has a tough entrance test, which has made sure that over the years the student quality has only gone upward. A diploma from a government college has held weight traditionally. This is also the most affordable programme in this list.

These 5 institutes collective have a capacity of just about 300–400. So in case you don’t make the cut in these, there are several other good ones. If you are looking for guidance on an education and a career in PR generally, We would be happy to guide you (drop us a word on here or on our site).

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