Top 5 Must Watch Movies for Communications Professionals

communications professionals and public relations professionals who get their education from india's leading institute of mass communications - SCoRe will understand the difference between learning from books and learning from movies.

Communications Professionals draw inspiration from from any story being told, even movies.

At SCoRe we have built a small library of several books on Public Relations and Communications that we feel our fraternity should read. From biographies to text books, it includes works that can be sources of inspiration and ideas to be more powerful Communications Professionals. We highly recommend you to come and pick a copy, and/or recommend books that should be added.

From the world of fiction, several movies can create similar effects. While movies rarely capture the reality in its truest sense, some movies have managed to deliver incredibly unique views (directly or indirectly) to Communications Professionals.

If a picture can tell a thousand words, what can movie reveal?

Hidden underneath the dramatised and lavish exterior are often found deep insights into human motivations and how it manifests in interpersonal transactions. Here’s a list of five such movies that Communications Professionals MUST watch.

  1. Thank You for Smoking

The story about a suave lobbyist for Big Tobacco in the United States takes you through how he spins uncomfortable narrative into marginally acceptable stories. But more fascinating is to witness how he reconciles the truth about what he’s selling at the onset of his own personal, emotional and ethical involvement.

  1. Glengarry Glen Ross

This masterpiece is shot within the confines of a few rooms with some of the biggest actors in Hollywood before they were stars. The biggest takeaway of this movie is Alec Baldwin’s eight minute monologue (informally titled the “Mission of Mercy” speech) where he eloquently “inspires” a failing group of real estate salesmen, including the essentiality of the concept of AIDA. Just the speech is worth a watch for Communications Professionals on the frontlines of businesses.

  1. Wag the Dog

Originating from a crisis pertaining the President of the United States, political consultant and overall spinmeister Robert De Niro, contrives a fictitious but intricately captured war in Albania. The movie makes you think about how easy it is to make people think and react

  1. The Candidate

Another from the world of US elections is this brilliant work by Peter Boyle where an underdog is placed as a contender against a solid veteran. This is a real hard case for how to create a real story out of little insight, few details, and a drive to succeed.

  1. Frost/Nixon

This is a must watch for those who are or train spokespersons. At the aftermath of the Watergate scandal and Richard Nixon’s subsequent resignation, British journalist David Frost gets the TRP shattering opportunity to interview the erstwhile President. Both tread a very fine line of conversational sensitivity very cautiously to meet their respective agendas. Both points of view and manners of preparation are adequately described and are food for thought.

Special mention

Netflix’s House of Cards  powerfully captures the four-way relationship of corporations, government media and politics. Public Relations is the central driver of the series whether or not it is explicitly credited as such. (Although at the time this blog was published, the show had been recently suspended due to the controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey)

It becomes even more captivating and relevant being set in storylines that resemble the very current ecosystem of media and communications.

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