A Letter to Class of 2018 of PR School – SCoRe

Dear Class of 2018,

I wrote a mail for the inaugural batch last year which you can read here. As you complete the Post Graduate programme in Public Relations at the world’s only #PRSchool and embark on a new journey in the world of work I will remind you to keep the SCoRe values close to your heart and apply them to every thought and action. These five words will act as a mentor when a human one does not seem to be around.

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Key Aspects to Budget in PR

As Public Relations professionals we have noticed that people find it very difficult to make a public relations budget both in B2B and B2C space. While the specific elements vary depending on the company and the profession; I have listed down a few things that corporates should keep in mind while budgeting for their Public Relations activities: Read more “Key Aspects to Budget in PR”

How are event partnerships key to Public Relations?

Public Relations is a profession that highly depends on building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders. A lot of people mistake the profession to be just about ‘media relations’ and in that light they forget the value contributed by other relationships. While there a lot of aspects to our profession, I am going to focus on event partnerships only in this blog:

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A Good Public Relations Pitch

Communications professionals are influencers. Their job is to build and manage reputation of brands that they manage. To be able to achieve this goal, one of the things that a public relations professional frequently does, is to interact with media. The interaction takes place because of two primary reasons. One is to maintain the relationship with the media, as they are an important stakeholder for the communications business. And the other is to actively public relations pitch a story. Since it is essential for a communications consultant to prepare a good public relations pitch for the journalist, I thought of listing down the points that make for a successful public relations pitch. My thoughts are as follows:

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The Rise of Independent Public Relations

With the world becoming connected and networked, organisations of any size and scale can attract the best talent from across the globe! Professionals too are turning to freelancing or becoming independent public relations consultants for flexibility and opportunity to work on different projects while maintaining work-life balance. Read more “The Rise of Independent Public Relations”

Public Relations for Social Causes

Public relations for social causes is more difficult than to engage public consciousness for more worldly needs. By nature such changes are high impact and aren’t the immediate priority of issues to most peoples. Nevertheless communications strategies play a big role in lending voice to civil rights movements. Many organisations have used public relations effectively to further their causes.

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Data Analytics in Public Relations

Role of Data Analytics in Public Relations can range from creating the right public relations strategies to measuring and optimising them.

For the better part of the last few decades, we’ve seen Public Relations to be considered a difficult to measure or sometimes immeasurable communications effort. Several norms and practices have come in and gone out of acceptance by consultants and clients, each rejected for its lack of accuracy. But despite the absence of an absolute way of measuring its impact, there is a lot of data produced through PR campaigns, and several insights can be drawn from its analyses. Word of mouth that happens as a result of a PR activity is now social – permanently recorded and measurable.

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