July 19, 2017
PR Mantras - rules and guidelines that can be followed for a good career in public relations that our institute teaches, which makes SCoRe one of the best and top institutes of media in the country.

PR Mantras

July 18, 2017
Getting india's leading influencers, speakers, business owners and leaders of industry and academia associated with score make it one of india's best media institutes

​Dr. Velumani – the storyteller par excellence!

July 17, 2017
Vibrant Gujarat was a masterstroke in public relations, government relations and reputation management of the state of gujarat by the erstwhile chief minister and the current prime minister of india narendra modi

Birth of Vibrant Gujarat

June 29, 2017
India's top corporate communications teams

The 30 Top Corporate Communications Teams in India

June 26, 2017
Thank you, mom campaign by P&G for Rio 2016

Cause, effect and the opportunity in it for you

June 23, 2017
Storytelling is an important skill for students of mass communications and public relations to learn, hence it is taught in two trimesters of india's best public relations and communications programme

Tips on Storytelling!

June 23, 2017
biggest PR firms

India’s biggest PR firms

June 22, 2017
women in public relations make up 70% workforce in India is Women. therefore in this majority, female professionals must learn to harness their core strengths to excel, in a large way, the profession of pr contributes to women empowerment, by providing a platform for female professionals to hone and wield their key skills. SCoRe is India's only media institute where the inaugural batch of all women. and continues to acknowledge the need for female mass communications professionals to train the next wave of talent in PR

Tips for a Young Woman to be Successful in Public Relations

June 19, 2017

11 Tips for Crisis Management!

June 16, 2017
public relations and social media are going hand in hand. in India's top mass communications school - SCoRe, we ensure that the learnings of social media and digital pr are consistently imparted to our students

On Social Media in Public Relations

June 5, 2017
As independent public relations practices rise, The new age PR has given rise to many new skills and techniques to keep pace with the evolving industry India's best public relations college School of Communications & Reputation. SCORE is also the best media and mass communications institute to be in in india

The Rise of Independent Public Relations

June 1, 2017
women in public relations

PR isn’t just for ladies

May 19, 2017

A secret sauce for Content – Review of The Content Code by Mark Schaefer