May 11, 2020
New normal

#SCoReTalk – Futuregazing: What will the new normal look like?

The economy is on a brink to collapse, unprecedented times are ahead, from travel and tourism to the construction industry most of the businesses are facing […]
May 7, 2020
time of Corona

Life in the Time of Corona

As children we grew up hearing of pandemics, we have studied about what they mean and how cholera was a pandemic once upon a time. Most […]
May 4, 2020
Learning from adversity

Learning from Adversity – An Online Panel Discussion with PR consultancy Leaders

In this unpleasant situation where the whole world is trying to make a stand against the COVID-19, many brands are having a hard time facing post-consumer […]
April 27, 2020
graduate 2020

Graduate 2020: How will COVID-19 Impact Me As A Student?

When will Coronavirus come under control? How badly will it affect the world economy? What will be its impact on jobs? What about my future? Have […]
April 25, 2020

Crisis Masterclass with Saikat Datta

Some resources related to Masterlcass with Saikat Datta by Reputation Today 1. COVID19 Integrated Command Centre: Download Here   2. Efforts Towards Containment of COVID19 – District […]
April 24, 2020
How to be future ready

How to be Future Ready – An Online Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders

Until a few months back, a pandemic was something that we only saw in movies or heard  about in stories. None of us ever imagined how […]
April 21, 2020

Online Classes – What are the Pros and Cons of learning online?

The novel coronavirus, as it continues to expand, has changed our world at a devastating speed causing chaos and panic along its way. The health emergency […]
April 19, 2020
PR for brand

Necessity of Public Relations for brand’s image

PR has become very integral to the modern public discourse. Unlike in the past when communication was rather sporadic or followed the conventional parameters, modern communications […]
April 15, 2020
Post COVID world

The Post COVID World

How fast the virus is spreading throughout the world has indeed shown us that we are living in the era of ‘global village.’ When country after […]
April 11, 2020
reinvent PR

Reinvent Public Relations: 8 ways to communicate effectively during COVID

We are all amid an unprecedented time. It’s especially tough for those in Public Relations because now is when the need for communications is heightened and […]
April 9, 2020
great content

5 Ways to Create Great Content for Public Relations

We’ve been witnessing an evolution in the kind of content that creates impact. Brands are becoming equally competent and tactful with paid and owned media, leaving […]
April 7, 2020
'World’s toughest Job' Campaign

‘World’s toughest Job’ Campaign – by MullenLowe Group for American Greetings

The MullenLowe Group created a campaign called World’s toughest Job for American Greetings. The campaign was designed to urge and persuade people to make their mom […]
March 31, 2020
online conclave

Online RT Conclave

We are in the midst a bizarre phase, where to arrest the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) calls for responsible individual, social and institutional behaviour. It […]
March 28, 2020
top PR trends 2020

Top PR Trends to look out for this year 2020

Public Relations has gone through major changes over the years. With rapid changes in how the media is being consumed, PR has always adapted itself to […]
March 24, 2020
Brands Reacting to COVID

Brands Reacting to COVID-19 – By Class Of 2020

The Conoravirus crisis will test us all. For brands, communication is a top priority in the face of uncertainty. Lets see how brands reacting to COVID-19 currently and […]
March 19, 2020
PR drive sales

How Can PR Drive Sales

Recollecting a brand’s name is not the job of the customer but instead, of the brand itself. And it all starts with the right marketing strategy, […]