My experience with the HR mangers at PR firms

One of the best part about my job is to be able to get an overview of the entire PR machinery. SCoRe is dedicated to the development of education and research in strategic communications. Which means that not only we are responsible for creating future communications managers but also for upskilling currently working professionals.

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In the third quarter of every year (since 2012), Public relations professionals congregate at PRAXIS to exchange ideas and experiences. The 2015 edition – #PRAXISMysore was my first opportunity to partake in this conference and to a certain extent witness from behind the scenes the thoughts and actions that went into putting it together.

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My experience in an Education Start-up

My name is Radhika Nandwani and I manage Marketing Communications at the Indian School of COmmunications and REputation (SCoRe). While a lot of you reading this may know of my current role, you may not know about my past work experience. Before joining SCoRe, I spent nearly three and a half years working at a leading PR Firm in India, handling communications for some prominent global brands.

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Public Relations for Social Causes

Public relations for social causes is more difficult than to engage public consciousness for more worldly needs. By nature such changes are high impact and aren’t the immediate priority of issues to most peoples. Nevertheless communications strategies play a big role in lending voice to civil rights movements. Many organisations have used public relations effectively to further their causes.

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Scope of Political Communications in the Years Ahead

Seldom has our country seen a candidate a year into politics becoming a Chief Minister. Not only did the said leader resign from his seat and was widely criticized but soon (in a span of roughly one year) he came to power again. Of course I am talking about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Around the same period, our present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi won the national elections by promising the citizens of India the advent of ‘Acche Din’.

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Should Private Education be declared an Industry?

I had the pleasure of participating in a panel that had come together to debate whether it was time for private education sector to be granted industry status. Education across its tertiary levels is a large sector as it is and was estimated to be worth $40 Bn in 2012, and as an industry it would be stimulated to grow larger through government support.

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Why did I Choose to be a Part of SCoRe?

I started my career by managing communications for some of the most famous and exciting technology brands. Along the way I was convinced that I loved Public Relations. The reasons are many – not only is communications an exciting and dynamic profession but one can clearly see (those who understand this function) the value a PR professional brings to the business.

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CSR Mandate & Role of Public Relations

In April 2014, India became the first country to mandate a minimum spend on corporate social responsibility initiatives. This received mixed reactions from corporates, civil society, and bureaucracy. I was lucky to be invited to a conclave organised by Genesis Burson Marsteller & White Kettle Consulting, titled ‘Corporate Responsibility: Turning Mandates into Opportunities’ where the three entities were represented and had a dialogue on the outlook of this mandate.

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Ethics and PR Professionals!

Ethics are the moral principles governing a person’s behavior that determine how an activity is conducted. It is also a branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. In our practical lives, it is the difference between the dos and don’ts, the right and wrongs, the proper and improper, the fair and unfair, and the good and bad.

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